Saturday, November 15, 2008

Banker's Club Bourbon Whiskey

Banker’s does it all—and none of it even remotely well.


This is about as generic a whiskey as you can get. It tastes like it was fermented in dishwater, but a kind of dishwater that’s not entirely dirty. I wasn’t even aware the humanity-despising Banker’s had dipped their foul-smelling fingers of mediocrity into whiskey vats until I saw this bastard of a bottle. Its saving grace is that it mixes well, but if you enjoy a stiff drink you will be confronted with an acrid taste that lingers and seems to throw a rope ladder down to acid reflux.

Like all shitty whiskeys (“shiskeys” if you will), shots aren’t recommended but will get the job done. Chances are that if you’re buying this regularly, you don’t have the money to buy a mixer anyway. Or, you could just be someone lacking tastebuds, with a metal pipe for an esophagus.

Definitive shiskey. $8.99/Liter

- Mike


The Arabic Student said...
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Bobby Thompson said...

On the rocks with a splash of water it's a poor mans crown royal!!! Sorry to those with a rich mans pallet that can't handle their whisky. I drink banker's club straight on the rocks and it taste just as good as a 50$ bottle of whatever.

Mark Loper said...

Make liquor with hops in it this would be so big!

Unknown said...


steve smith said...

I agree there is nothing wrong with this whiskey