Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Old Crow Straight Bourbon

When I hear the word “crow,” there are 3 things that come to mind:

1.) The ugly, creepy looking bird (duh)

2.) The obnoxiously catchy music of Sheryl Crow (she’s also old, so it works double for her)

3.) Last, and probably least as well, the movie “the Crow”

Now, I don’t know about you, but none of these mental pictures leave me feeling particularly warm and tingly inside. It was with this motive that I decided to buy a bottle of Old Crow on my last excursion to the local Wine & Spirits Shoppe. I figured “What better way to begin my whiskey blogging career than with something God-awful?” After all, no review is more fun to write than a bad one. So with that in mind, I figured this should be a real gem.

After all of that forethought, I must say I was a bit disappointed when I mixed my first drink with some Up-Rite Lemon-Lime Soda. It wasn’t bad. Not to be deterred, I reasoned that maybe this soda was just a very strong mixer. “Enough of this girly, under-pantsy shit!” I exclaimed, and proceeded to pour a generous glass on the rocks. Again, I was disappointed. Not only was it tolerable, but it was downright good. Not only that, but the next morning, the hangover didn’t even make me feel something a crow would be picking at!

My final thoughts: If you’re going to name your beverage after a foul scavenger with wings, at least have the decency to make the liquid inside equally as foul as the namesake.

1.75 Liter : $15.99

- Stan

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mattr20 said...

Old Crow not sucking has shocked many a man.